I have a few past orders that I would like to record in EZRentOut

You can use ‘Past Orders’ to log previous orders into the system. The purpose of these is to encourage more accurate record keeping.

An Order is qualified as a Past Order when its Return Date is in the ‘past’ based on when it is recorded. Such orders cannot be rented out. The only actions you can take on them is to either mark them as Completed, or as Payment Pending.

If you want to rent out such an order, you will need to cancel the booking (if a booking exists) by clicking on Cancel Booking > Remove the Booking. You can then update the Return Date to one that does not fall in the past.

NOTE: Past Orders do not record the checkouts for Assets/Asset Stock or deduct the Inventory’s stock quantity. This means that a Past Order that is marked as Complete will:

1) Appear in the All Orders Report and count towards the revenue and rent collected.
2) Not appear in the Assets Check-in/out Events Report or the Checkout History/Rental Meter of the asset.
3) Not appear in the Inventory or Asset Stock Line Items Report, and will not have any impact on the stock quantities.