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FAQs / What to be careful of when importing items from an Excel Sheet?

1) First step should be determining which columns in your excel sheet map to which fields in EZRentOut.
2) If there are certain fields that you need but aren’t present in EZRentOut, you can create custom fields from Items -> Custom Attributes for them before the import. Follow these rules to avoid running into problems during the import:
– There should not be any merged cells in your excel sheet.
– There should be only one excel sheet in the file you’re uploading. If your items are spread across various sheets within the same file, split these sheets into separate excel files.
– All dates should be in mm/dd/yyyy format.
– For yes/no fields e.g. Retire?, put yes against the assets that should be in retired state when imported.
Asset Identification Numbers (if you’re using them) need to be unique. Ensure that there is no repetition of an Identification Number in your excel sheet. Moreover, they should only contain Alphabets and Numbers (no special characters, spaces etc).
– All names should be at least 3 characters long. For example, if you have a vendor called ‘HP’, rename it to ‘HP Laptops’.
– When importing inventory records, if you are specifying quantity to be added to stock, Stock Price column must also be mapped.

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