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FAQs / How can I issue a refund and then ‘complete’ my order?

Sometimes, customers are unhappy with their rentals and demand a refund. You can easily issue partial or total refunds using EZRentOut.

Once a payment has been made, a Refund option will show up next to it:


This opens up an overlay where you can put in the refunded amount:

Rental Software Refunds

As you can see, this leads to an outstanding balance equal to your refund:

As the image above shows, you can even delete the Refund if you’d like.

To close out such Orders, a Custom Entry must be made using the refunded amount. Access this on the right-hand side of the Order Detail Page. Remember to make the value a negative amount, since you’re essentially off-setting your refund!

rental software

This will balance out the Order and it will then move to a Completed state:

Online Rental Software

The benefit of using this approach is that the client can use EZRentOut Reports to see the amount of discounting provided across Orders.

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