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FAQs / How can I replace or swap items in my rental order?

If your customers ever need to get replacement equipment either because it’s faulty or needs maintenance, you can use the swap feature in EZRentOut. You must first enable swapping from Settings -> Add Ons -> Swap Rented Out Items.

Next, in the Rented Out order, first, select the item to be replaced, then use the swap icon as shown below.

In the swap overlay, you can then identify the item to be replaced.

Note: By default, only those items show up for replacement having the same rental rate AND with no conflicts (rented out, maintenance, bookings, etc.) for the remaining duration of the current order. However, items with different rental rates can be swapped as well. To do this, enable ‘Allow items to be swapped even if the price is different’ under the Swap Rented Out Items’ Add On. Once a swap takes place, you can then manually edit the rental rate of that item. This can be helpful when there’s a change in rental rates of items due to some unexpected reason.

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