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At EZRentOut, we are committed to provide an unmatched support experience. You may use any of the following possible means of communication with us:

  2. Blog – great place to start off and read about our existing and upcoming features.
  3. Contribute your ideas – we want our community to be involved in helping us define the products roadmap. Placing feature requests here allow for others to view and vote on them.

FAQs of EZRentOut are listed below:


Why am I unable to sync my Orders with Xero?

If you’re unable to sync Orders with Xero, you might see one of the following errors:

  1. Payments can only be made against authorized documents.
  2. Payment amount exceeds the amount outstanding on this document.
  3. Payments within a batch cannot be deleted.

This can be attributed to a payment recorded in the corresponding Xero invoice that EZRentOut is unable to edit/delete.

To troubleshoot:

  1. Go to the Xero invoice by clicking on the link provided in the EZRentOut Order.
  2. Delete the payment in the invoice.
  3. Try the sync again from EZRentOut!
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