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At EZRentOut, we are committed to provide an unmatched support experience. You may use any of the following possible means of communication with us:

  2. Blog – great place to start off and read about our existing and upcoming features.
  3. Contribute your ideas – we want our community to be involved in helping us define the products roadmap. Placing feature requests here allow for others to view and vote on them.

FAQs of EZRentOut are listed below:


How can I set up a CNAME record to redirect to the EZRentOut website or Webstore?

Your company domain/URL can be configured to have an additional web address, meaning can also support One way to do this is to add a CNAME record (also known as Canonical Name record) to your domain.

To add a CNAME to your domain, you’ll need to log into your Domain Registrar’s DNS manager. In case you forgot who you bought your domain from, search for your domain at

Here are the steps for adding a CNAME in GoDaddy. Skip steps 1 to 2 if you have a different registrar.

1. Log in to your GoDaddy DNS account.
2. Click on the user icon in the top right, then go to My Products > your chosen domain > DNS.

3. On the Records page, click the ‘Add’ button on the bottom right:

4. Choose ‘CNAME’ from the dropdown:

5. In the ‘Host’ field, enter the CNAME you want to use with your current URL (for example ‘rentals’ for
6. In the ‘Points To’ section, enter your WebStore URL (for example,

You can also use your Admin login URL if you don’t have a Webstore and want your staff to use your corporate URL (for example,

7. Click ‘Save’.

Note: It can take up to 72 hours for the changes to be made.

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I’m getting a “Web Store URL is not configured properly” error when I attempt to validate my custom URL

Configuring the Web Store to use your Domain is a two-step process:

1. Forwarding your domain’s traffic to our server. This requires asking your DNS provider to point your URL to our server. The instructions to forward your DNS provider are given in the Settings -> Store Settings -> Steps for Web Store URL.

2. Letting us know to expect traffic from your domain. This requires specifying the domain from Step 1 in the Settings -> Store Settings -> Web Store URL.

That’s it! To check if everything’s working, click the ‘Validate Web Store URL’ button, and do remember to save the settings! If you get an error that your domain is not configured properly, reach out to your DNS provider to confirm if they’ve configured your domain properly.

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Which video formats does the webstore banner support?

This will depend on the browser you’re using.








Generally, MP4s are the best bet in terms of support.

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How do I add a Shipping and Pickup location to an order?

Shipping locations are currently linked to the contact person (individual Customer) instead of businesses. You can enable ‘Pickup and Shipping Location’ from Settings → Company Settings → Advanced Settings.

Shipping location

This feature enables you to record locations of Customers, where you can ship the Order or where a delivery/courier service or even Customers can pick up the rental items from e.g. your storefront in a mall or franchise in another state. 

Learn more about how to record and add these locations to Order.


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Web Order, Booked (Web Order), and Booked Advance Due States in EZRentOut

Web Order and Booked Web Order State:

An Order goes through different states in EZRentOut. When a Customer places an Order through the Webstore, its termed as a Web Order in EZRentOut. This happens when auto-booking is disabled.

Web Order

Businesses can also cancel Web Orders from the Order details page. On the top right of the page, click the More button and Select ‘Cancel Booking’ from the dropdown as shown below. 

With auto-booking enabled, an Order placed by a Customer automatically goes to the ‘Booked (Web Order)’ state in EZRentOut.

Booked (Web Order)

This Setting can be enabled in Store Settings → Under ‘Order Settings’ → Select ‘Enable auto-booking of orders on Webstore’. When enabled, it also enforces conflict-free booking of orders on the Webstore.

Order Settings

Businesses can also cancel Web Orders from the Order details page. On the top right of the page, click the More button and Select ‘Cancel Booking’ from the dropdown as shown below. 

Booked (Web Order) and Booked Advance Due State (with auto-booking enabled):

If you’ve set a minimum payment amount or percentage (say, 10%) on the Webstore in Store Settings → Under ‘Order Settings’ → ‘Enable Payments through Webstore – charge…’, with ‘auto-booking enabled as well, you’ll encounter 2 booked states when a customer places an order on the Webstore. That is, Booked (Web Order) and Booked Advance Due.

So with all settings in place, when a customer places an Order but doesn’t pay for that Order, it will be sent to a Booked Advance Due state in EZRentOut.

The Booked Advance Due state is similar to the Payment Pending state for Orders that aren’t placed through the Webstore (provided that Payment Terms are enabled). To learn more about the Payment Pending state, refer to these Payment Terms.

Booked Advance Due

However, if the Customer has paid for that Order (partial or full), the Order state will eventually change to ‘Booked (Web Order)’ in EZRentOut.

Booked web order 2

You can then take further actions for this order e.g. Rent Out.

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How can you set a Payment Range on the EZRentOut Webstore?

On the EZRentOut Webstore, users can charge a portion of the rental at the time of checkout. This mitigates the risk of Customers abandoning rentals at the last moment. Ensuring that they pay a portion of the fee helps bind them to the transaction and ensures your rental business doesn’t suffer.

Users can set a range of acceptable payment amounts, and allow Customers to choose to pay whatever amount they would prefer from within that range. These upper and lower bounds can be set to monetary values or percentages of the total price of the rental.

In order to configure this range, go to Settings → Store Settings → Order Settings. Here, check the option to ‘Enable payments through Webstore‘ and specify the maximum and minimum values that you would like to charge. As mentioned earlier, you can choose between a fixed monetary range or a percentage range of the applicable total.

Enable payments range

Here, we chose to charge a percentage payment range for all our online rentals. If you want it to be a fixed amount/percentage and not a range, you can set both the bounds to the same value.

In the image above, we chose a lower bound of 20% and an upper bound of 50% of the total sum. Here is an example of this payment range in play on the Webstore. The total amount due is $567.30, and 20% of $567.30 comes out to be $113.46. This is what the customer would have to pay.

payment range - price

By default, customers are suggested to pay the lower bound of the price but they can alter the amount field and pay whatever they like.

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How to hide blank fields on the Webstore in EZRentOut?

There may be cases where you don’t assign a location to an item or any other information such as Purchase Date and so on. In such cases, the items are displayed on the Webstore with blank fields, as shown below:

blank fields

To hide these blank attributes on the Webstore, simply go to Settings → Store Settings → Hide Blank Fields → Enabled.

hide blank fields

Now, any blank fields will not be visible on the Webstore.

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How can I install Facebook Pixel or custom tags related to Google Ads and Google Analytics on my Webstore?

You can install all kinds of custom tags and pixels to your Webstore via our Google Tag Manager integration. This solves the problem of deploying marketing tags without modifying the code on your Webstore. The Tag Manager greatly simplifies things for you because you can quickly add and make changes to tags on your own. Here is how you can set up the integration.

For more information:

How to Install Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager

How to Install Facebook Pixel using Google Tag Manager

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