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At EZRentOut, we are committed to provide an unmatched support experience. You may use any of the following possible means of communication with us:

  2. Blog – great place to start off and read about our existing and upcoming features.
  3. Contribute your ideas – we want our community to be involved in helping us define the products roadmap. Placing feature requests here allow for others to view and vote on them.

FAQs of EZRentOut are listed below:

Printing Labels

Need all my Print Label data in an excel sheet

You can use EZRentOut to print professional labels (Learn More). However, if you’d like to go for commercial printing, you may need to handover the Print Label data to your printing service.

This option is available by default and can be accessed by going to More → Printout Templates. There, you will see the option to “Export Print Label Data for Commercial Printing” on top of each print label type.

export print label data

Here’s the overlay that appears if you click on the option for Items:

export print labels

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I want to use my own serial numbers!

EZRentOut assigns an item # for every item that you add to your account (also referred to as asset # and inventory # depending upon the context). The first item that gets added is #1, second is #2 and so on.
We’ve also designed a special field called Identification Number (AIN) for businesses who have their own sequence numbers.
Some key features:
– AINs ensure that they’re unique for every item.
– You can type in @ followed by an AIN in the Search Bar to directly go to the details of the relevant item and then take necessary actions.
– AINs can be used for barcoding.
– Your item listing can be customized to show AIN instead of Item #
– Items are also referred by the AIN in the alert emails.
If you have more than one serial numbers to refer to an item, you can always add a custom field of type ‘Text’ (Items -> Custom Attribute). These custom attributes also appear in the search results.

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I need to get a bunch of QR Codes/Labels printed beforehand. Will add items to EZRentOut later

There are two main scenarios that require printing the labels even before you add the relevant items to your account.

1. Commercial Printers who would print in bulk for you e.g. 1000 labels per order. Say you have 500 in your account but you need to add 500 later. You’d need 1000 labels anyway.
2. You have the estimate on how the assets look but you’d want to add items to your account on the go. For example, going to the warehouse and adding items to EZRentOut as you paste labels on them.

The QR Code of an item is a secure link (URL) to its details. So you need the item to exist to generate its QR Code. In this case, you’ll add placeholder assets.
1. Add an asset named ‘Placeholder’. Clone it to make more copies. You can make 25 copies in one go. Once you’ve entered these placeholders, they can be retired (Actions –> Retire) so that they don’t show up in normal usage
2. OR you can use the excel import. To import 500 Placeholders, use an excel sheet and fill a column that just says Placeholder. If you want them to be retired, have another column to say so. Here is an excel file that you can use (100 placeholders. Drag a row in excel to create more)
Placeholders Excel Sheet
As you add items, edit placeholders to fill in details and unretire them (Actions –> Activate when viewing retired assets. Or from asset detail page).
See how to export data for commercial printing.

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Can I print multiple/variety-of asset labels on the same page?

Yes, you’ll need to disable Single Step Printing for that. To do this, hit the bell icon in the upper right and go to Print Queue. Uncheck ‘Enable Single Step Printing’ – this will hold all the print commands in the Print Queue for you.

enable single step printing
Now, print labels by following these steps:
a. Click on the Print Label option for an asset, which will add it to the print queue. Or select multiple assets from the asset listing page and click ‘Print Label’ from Actions.
b. Go to the Print Queue when you are ready to print.
c. Click the ‘Print All’ button. Depending on whether you have Email Print Labels enabled (from More → Alerts), you’ll either receive an email with a PDF attachment of the labels or a popup window with a PDF of the labels.

print queue


– If you wish, you can re-access the prints by going back to the Print Queue and perusing the “Recently Printed Labels” sidebar on the right. You may need to refresh the web page in case the process takes a bit longer. See sample here.
– If you simply wish to print out more labels than the number of items shown in your item listings, you can change the number of records to display.

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How can I print on dedicated label printers (Brother, Dymo, etc.)?

There are two ways to go about it.
a) You can design the labels in the printers’ utility using the EZRentOut data
b) Or you can print directly from EZRentOut.

Printing via Utility
1) Make sure that the printer utility can take CSV/Excel as an input for the data points to print.
2) Export the data points to print from EZRentOut. The option is available under More → Printout Templates → Export (Items/Bundles) Print Label Data for Commercial Printing.
3) Use the exported the Excel file to print through the utility.

Printing directly from EZRentOut
1) Figure out the label ribbon width, and label size.
2) Add a print label template from More → Printout Templates →  Add Print Label Template.
3) Clear the canvas from the end of the page.
4) Label size should be equal to the label size from Step 1.
5) In Page Size, choose Custom Size.
6) The custom size should ALSO be equal to the label size from Step 1.
7) Design the label and save the template.
8) Print labels on this template.
PDFs (EZRentOut generates PDFs with labels on them) will have pages equal to the label size of your ribbon. Essentially, every page in the PDF document will be a label.

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How do I print labels for Items associated with Locations?

You can print labels for Items associated with a Location from the Location details page. To do this, go to Items → Locations → Select a Location.

Here, at the bottom, you’ll see Items’ tabs belonging to this Location.

Note: The ‘Print Label’ button on the right of this page only generates labels for this location. This will play out only if you have a template set up for Locations in More → Printout templates.

To print labels for Items e.g. only Assets, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Select the Assets in the Assets tab.
  2. Click on the Actions dropdown button → Choose ‘Print Label’.
  3. You can access these labels from the Notifications bell → Print Queue. See ‘Recently Printed Jobs’ on the right of this page.print labels pdf file

You can also receive these print labels via email. This will work if you have enabled the ‘Email Print Labels’ alert in More → Alerts → Locations.

You can also print labels for Asset Stock and Inventory belonging to a Location – from its details page.

Learn more about Print Labels.

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