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At EZRentOut, we are committed to provide an unmatched support experience. You may use any of the following possible means of communication with us:

  2. Blog – great place to start off and read about our existing and upcoming features.
  3. Contribute your ideas – we want our community to be involved in helping us define the products roadmap. Placing feature requests here allow for others to view and vote on them.

FAQs of EZRentOut are listed below:


We rent out to companies. How do I track them as customers?

Option A: 
If you rent out to companies, add them as Customers. First Name can be left blank. The last name becomes the company name. Essentially, all your companies will be listed as “customers”.

Option B:
If you have multiple contacts at the same company, these contacts should be added as Customers. You can then categorize the contacts/Customers into Customer categories. Each category is a customer. This is a great approach when there are only a few dozen companies who you deal with.

Categories can be configured from Settings → Customer Settings → Customer Categories. Each company will be a category.


Now when adding Customers (contacts at a company), make sure to choose the correct category. Based on the category (company), you can:

  • View Customers by a company (Customers → ‘Edit’ icon on top right of the table → Customize View to show Category)
  • Run reports based on companies (More → Reports → All Customers → Category dropdown)
  • Define rules or special discounts for a particular company (More → Rules → Add a Rule → Customer Category)
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What types of alert does a customer receive via email?

Following actions generate email alerts for the Customers:

Order Placed on Web Store*

Order Booked*

Order Rented Out*

Order Completed*

Order Payment Received*

Order Payment Pre-authorized*

Order Cancelled

Order Cancellation Request Rejected

Orders Due Today

Orders Due in — days

Orders Overdue

Bookings Starting Today

Bookings Starting Tomorrow

Bookings Starting in  — days

Order Booking Cancelled

* Order Printouts will be sent with these alerts. Note that this is only applicable when the email template is set to ‘Default’.

Learn More on Customer Alerts in EZRentOut.

Customized Email Alerts for Customers: An Account Owner/Admin can also customize the email templates for most of the alert types from More → Alerts → Click Customer Alerts tab → Choose an alert type e.g. Order Completed → Click ‘+’.



You can then customize the template for ‘Order Completed’ alerts. Insert placeholders containing dynamic data such as Order number, payable amount, discount, duration, and more. Learn more about customizing email templates.

Admins can also view, edit, activate/deactivate or customize email templates from the Alerts page → Click the Email templates button on the right → Choose Customer Templates → Click ‘Add New Template’ button on the left.

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How do I add a Shipping and Pickup location to an order?

Shipping locations are currently linked to the contact person (individual Customer) instead of businesses. You can enable ‘Pickup and Shipping Location’ from Settings → Company Settings → Advanced Settings.

Shipping location

This feature enables you to record locations of Customers, where you can ship the Order or where a delivery/courier service or even Customers can pick up the rental items from e.g. your storefront in a mall or franchise in another state. 

Learn more about how to record and add these locations to Order.


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How do I pull up a list of customers subscribed to emails?

You can pull up a list of Customers subscribed to Email Alerts by generating a report in EZRentOut. Head over to More → Reports → Customer Reports → All Customers.

You can apply a host of different filters in this report.

To get the full list of subscribed customers, click on the ‘Subscribed to Emails’ filter and choose ‘Yes’. You can also set a period in ‘Created in these dates’ to pull up Customer details within this period. Hit ‘Update’ when done.

You can also pull up a list of Customers not subscribed to the email alerts. Choose ‘No’ in the Subscribed to Emails filter to generate such a report.

Customers receive email alerts for different activities related to their Orders. You can enable this setting in the Customer Details page. On this page, select the ‘Send customer email alerts’ checkbox.

Learn more about the different types of Customer alerts.

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