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At EZRentOut, we are committed to provide an unmatched support experience. You may use any of the following possible means of communication with us:

  2. Blog – great place to start off and read about our existing and upcoming features.
  3. Contribute your ideas – we want our community to be involved in helping us define the products roadmap. Placing feature requests here allow for others to view and vote on them.

FAQs of EZRentOut are listed below:


For the webstore, can I rent certain items out only as bundles?

You can do this for the webstore using EZRentOut.

We’ve introduced a new option at the asset level: “Only Rent out through Bundle”.

If you want to rent out some assets only as bundles (meaning you don’t want to rent them out individually), you need to enable this flag from the item’s detail page. The asset will not be visible on the items listing on the web store, but can be rented out as a bundle.

Note: You will still need to enable the “Visible On Web Store” option in order to rent the item out as part of a bundle.

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How can I edit or delete a Bundle?

You can edit a Bundle from its Details page. To do this, go to Bundles → Select a Bundle you want to edit → Click the ‘Edit’ button.


Here, you can make changes to a Bundle. You can edit a Bundle’s name, description, identification number, location, or pricing.

You can also add/delete bundle line items. You cannot add/delete line items in a Bundle after associating it with an Order. Though you can edit the rest of the Bundle details.

You can also retire, delete and clone a Bundle from its Details page. If you are associating a Bundle with an Order, the ability to delete it will not be available.

Learn more about Bundles.

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