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At EZRentOut, we are committed to provide an unmatched support experience. You may use any of the following possible means of communication with us:

  2. Blog – great place to start off and read about our existing and upcoming features.
  3. Contribute your ideas – we want our community to be involved in helping us define the products roadmap. Placing feature requests here allow for others to view and vote on them.

FAQs of EZRentOut are listed below:

Account/Users Related

How do I change the invitation mail sent to new users?

To customize the email sent to invited users:
1) Enable Email Customization from Settings → Add-ons → Email Templates.
2) From the same setting, click the link ‘Configure Email Templates’. It’ll take you to the email template listing.
3) Hit the ‘Add Email Template’ button.
4) On the new template form, in ‘Template Type’ dropdown choose ’Member Invitation’.
5) Use placeholders to have data like ‘Recipient Name’, ‘Confirmation Link’, etc.
6) Hit the ‘Create Email Template’ button. You’ll be taken to the preview. Activate this template from the ‘Activate’ button on top right.
And you are good to go.

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What to be careful of when importing items from an Excel Sheet?

  1. Determine which columns in your excel sheet map to which fields in EZRentOut. Here’s a comprehensive data dictionary that explains the data fields in EZRentOut.
  2. If there are certain fields that you need that aren’t present in EZRentOut, create custom fields from Items –> Custom Attributes for them before the import.
  3. Ensure all AINs(Asset Identification Numbers) are unique and only contain numbers and alphabets (no special characters or spaces) if you’re using AINs.
  4. All names should be at least 3 characters long.
  5. All dates should be in the MM/DD/YYYY format.
  6. For yes/no fields e.g. Retire?, put yes against assets that should be in the retired state upon import.
  7. When importing inventory records, if you are specifying quantity to be added to stock, Stock Price column must also be mapped.
  8. The Late Fee should be in the format: <amount><space><duration>. An acceptable example in ’25 hourly’ which translates to a late fee rate of $25 per hour.
  9. The Rental Meter Threshold should only be provided in minutes. For a threshold of 2 hours, you will have to input 2 x 60 which is 120 as the value.
  10. There should not be any merged cells in your excel sheet.
  11. There should only be one excel sheet in the file you’re uploading. If your items are spread across various sheets within the same file, split these sheets into separate excel files and upload separately.

Explore the complete guide on importing items in EZRentOut.

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I have not received any email from the EZRentOut service regarding my registration / confirmation

Often, customer’s junk mail filter settings are such that system generated emails end up in junk mail folders. Please change your mail settings and add to your ‘safe list’.
To resend an account confirmation email, go to the EZRentOut’s login page -> forgot password -> enter your email and submit.
For further assistance on emails not coming through, contact our support team at

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Do inactive users count towards the subscription package limit?

No, only the active users are counted towards the maximum users limit.

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Who are inactive users and why can’t I delete an existing user from EZRentOut?

We don’t allow for users to be deleted as it may invalidate the rent outs/returns history of assets. As an example, John Smith may have rented out a laptop before leaving the company. If his user record was to be deleted, the laptop’s past assignment to him will be lost too.
We recommend making users inactive instead, as they do not count towards the subscription package limit.

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When trying to add a new user, I am receiving the following error “User has already been taken.”. What is the cause and how do I workaround this issue?

EZRentOut uses the email address of a user to uniquely identify a user. If you are getting this error, you may be trying to create two different users using the same email address. On rare occasions, it has been observed that two different companies may attempt to use the same email address to create users in their account. EZRentOut does not allow an individual to be a member of more than one company.
If you intend to ‘move’ membership to a different company, please contact support at

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How can I change owner of my account?

As an account owner you can transfer the ownership to any administrator from Settings -> Company Settings -> Company Profile -> Change Owner.

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After deactivating a member, why do I get an error when trying to reuse the email address for a new member?

EZRentOut does not allow an email address to be used for more than one user, even across companies. Please note that a user that has been deactivated or is disabled (not allowed to log in) still exists in our database and may be re-activated again at the future date. Hence, email address of such (deactivated/disabled) users may not be reused to create a new member account.

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Can I cancel my subscription at any time / How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancellations can happen at any time; there are no hidden charges or fines. To cancel your account, log in as the account owner and go to Name -> Billing. At the bottom, you can see the “Permanently Close Account” heading. Click Close My Account to cancel your account. There are no refunds.

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How can confirmation email be resent to a staff user account?

Confirmation emails for an unconfirmed user’s account can be resent by going to the Login page and following the process for “Forgot your password?”.

Entering an email address of a member shall resend a confirmation email to the member’s inbox. Please double check your Spam folder in case the problem persists.

OR you send confirmation emails from your EZRentOut account from More Users. Click the ‘send email confirmation’ icon.

Send confirmation email

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How do I add a Shipping and Pickup location to an order?

Shipping locations are currently linked to the contact person (individual Customer) instead of businesses. You can enable ‘Pickup and Shipping Location’ from Settings → Company Settings → Advanced Settings.

Shipping location

This feature enables you to record locations of Customers, where you can ship the Order or where a delivery/courier service or even Customers can pick up the rental items from e.g. your storefront in a mall or franchise in another state. 

Learn more about how to record and add these locations to Order.


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What types of alerts do I get on each user level i.e. Account Owner, Admin, or a Staff User?

Type of alerts that can be sent to each user level can be either ‘an email sent for each subscribed event’ or ‘a daily digest that summarizes all the events for the day’. Staff users receive email alerts for actions they’ve subscribed to only when they’re involved in the action.

Following actions generate email alerts for the Account Owner/Admin, which include all the notifications we have on the system:

Order Booked*

Order Rented Out*

Order Returned*

Order Payment Received*

Order Cancelled

Order Cancellation Request

Orders Due Today

Orders Due in ‘x’ days

All Overdue Orders

Order Placed on Web Store

Invoice Signed By Customer

Bookings Starting Today

Bookings Starting in — days

Service Record created

Service Started on an Asset

Service Extended for an Asset

Service Completed on an Asset

Comments on Services

Retiring Asset

Reactivating Asset

Scanning Asset Label

Request for Stock

Send Low Stock Threshold Alert

Rental Meter Threshold Alert

Email Print Labels

Send Custom Field Alert

* Order Printouts will be sent with these alerts. Note that this is only applicable when the email template is set to ‘Default’.

The following actions generate email alerts for Staff users:

Order Booked* Order Rented Out* Order Returned* Order Cancelled
Order Cancellation Request Orders Due Today All Overdue Orders Order Placed on Web Store
Invoice Signed By Customer Send Low Stock Threshold Alert Rental Meter Threshold Alert

* Order Printouts will be sent with these alerts. Note that this is only applicable when the email template is set to ‘Default’.

Customized Email Alerts for Users: An Admin can also customize the email templates for most of the alert types from More Alerts Alert type e.g. Order Booked Click Add New

Add new

Create email template

You can then customize the template for ‘Order Booked’ alerts. Insert placeholders containing dynamic data such as Order number, completed by, duration, and more (Note: Customization does not apply for mail digests). Learn more about customizing email templates.

Admins can also view, edit, activate/deactivate or customize email templates from the Alerts page → Click the Email templates button on the right Choose User Templates Click ‘Add Template’ button on the left.

Add template

On the Alerts page, an Admin and a Staff User can also customize these alerts based on groups and locations (see image below). You can receive alerts specific to these groups and locations.

Available locations

Note: Admins and Staff Users can filter what kind of alerts they want to receive from their accounts. Also, users can subscribe to our regular newsletters. Only account owners can subscribe to performance reports.

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How can I set up the inactivity period in EZRentOut?

You can add another layer of security to your EZRentOut account by activating the ‘Session Time-out’ feature. It is helpful in scenarios where you want to prevent your account from being misused by someone else. For this to work out, go to Settings → Company Settings → Advanced Settings → Session Time-out Policy → Click ‘Enabled’. 

Set up the inactivity duration after which the session expires and you are logged out of the system, as shown below:

15 minutes

Note: Inactivity duration for session time-out must be between 5 minutes to 1 year.

Hit the Save Settings button once you’re done.

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How do I clean up my account on EZRentOut?

Account Cleanup will remove all data, except Printout Templates, Custom Fields, Settings, Add-Ons, Store Settings. This can take 30 mins to a few hours to complete, depending on how much data you have to clean up.

You can clean up your trial account and start fresh for your subscription from the cleanup button located on the right side of the page. If the button is not visible on the dashboard, you can find it by going to Settings.


Note: Printouts created by any other member other than the account owner are also deleted.

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How to enable Two-Factor Authentication for your EZRentOut account?

Two-Factor Authentication is an added layer of security to your EZRentOut account that restricts third-party access. This protects your valuable account information by preventing your account from unauthorized log-ins. 

Here’s how you can enable Two-Factor Authentication: 

  1. Go to Company Settings→ Authentication→  Select Email and Password → Choose Two-Factor Authentication
  2. In order to check if Two-Factor Authentication is enabled, sign in to your EZRentOut account using your registered email and password 
  3. After you have entered your login credentials, an overlay shown below will appear. It will send a six-digit One-Time Password (OTP)  to your registered email address. This OTP received on the email is valid for 3 minutes. 
  4. If you are unable to enter the OTP within 1 minute, you can click Resend One-Time Password to receive another OTP on your registered email address 
  5. Enter the One-Time password received on your email address and successfully log in to your EZRentOut account 

 What if I am unable to access One Time Password?

In case you have lost access to your registered email address or have forgotten your password you can follow these steps:

  1. Ask your administrator to disable the Two-Factor Authentication for you using their account. 
  2. They can do so by clicking on More→Users→Selecting the User name →  Click Temporarily Disable Two Factor

This will temporarily disable the Two-Factor Authentication feature for you for 30 minutes. Now you can access your account easily. 

Please note Two-Factor Authentication can only be enabled for Account Owners and User accounts. 

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How can I access User profile details on the Dashboard?

You can access the user profile details from the top left side of the Dashboard. Click the profile icon and choose to Edit, Update, or Sign Out of your EZRentOut account from the dropdown menu as shown below.


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