Customer Portal for the EZRentOut Webstore

If you’re using the EZRentOut Webstore, help your customers navigate through the Webstore and place orders easily. The guide details how Customers can take the following actions on the Webstore:

  1. Choose which store to visit
  2. Sign in or continue as a guest
  3. Browse through the store
  4. Place an order
  5. Choose a payment method
  6. Request cancellation of an order
  7. Edit a rented out order
  8. Print invoice

Download the Customer Portal.

How do I replace an item scheduled for maintenance from future orders?

Suppose you run a photo gear rental business. You book a Canon lens for a future Order.

Before the Order reaches its Rent Out date, the lens breaks down and needs servicing. It’s obvious that you can’t rent this item out as it’s not in its optimal condition. You will have to replace this Item in your Order with a functioning counterpart.

EZRentOut enables you to replace an Item under maintenance from any future Orders that are associated with this Item. It saves you the need to create a new Order.

Once you have scheduled your broken Canon lens for servicing, you can replace it from any associated Orders for the functioning lens in your stock in one go.

To carry this out, you must go to the Asset Details Page of the relevant Canon Lens and click on the Replace Asset in Orders button as shown below:

Replace Assets in Orders

This opens up an overlay that lists all the Orders that contain this Item.

Replace items in orders

Type in Asset details of the Lens that will replace the Lens scheduled for maintenance in the ‘Replace with’ search bar.

Next, select the Orders you want this action to apply to, and hit Replace.

This action will replace the broken lens for a functioning one in all the Orders that you have selected.

Note: You can carry out this action for all future Orders (including Drafted, Booked, Rented Out, Web Drafted and Web Booked Orders).

How to set up a QR Code Scanner with EZRentOut [PC/Mac]

You can use QR Code scanning hardware with EZRentOut in your PC/Mac browser.

To configure EZRentOut:
1) Go to Settings > Add Ons > Enable Handheld Scanner Integration. Also, Check the option for ‘Enable lookup based on time delay of input, useful for quick scans’.

3) Hit Update to save your settings.

To configure your scanner:
1) Make sure your scanner is an HID (Human Interface Device), and can interact directly with your Mac/PC as an input. The scanner connection with your computer can be based off of either a USB or Bluetooth.
2) Open a notepad and scan an EZRentOut generated QR Code. A link should appear on the notepad. The format is:
3) Ensure there is no line break with the input. This means that if you scan the same QR Code twice, it should enter in the same line. If the second scan appears on the next line, it means that the scanner is putting Enter/Return after the sequence it’s scanning. Use the scanner manual to see how to get rid of this suffix. There should be a QR Code/Barcode in the configuration options, with a name similar to ‘Suffix Off’. Scanning it should remove the Enter/Return issue. Do the scanning test with a notepad again to see that there is indeed no suffix or prefix with the QR Code being scanned.

Using the scanner:
1) To list items by scanning, go to the Orders module.
2) Click the ‘Add Items’ field and start scanning.
3) Give a small second-long pause to ensure that the QR Code has been read.
4) Scan as many items as you want. You’ll see them being populated in the ‘Add Item’ field as you scan.
5) One you’ve scanned the required items, hit the ‘Add’ button.
6) You can then take actions on these scanned items.

If you’d like to learn more about best practices and recommendations for using QR Codes, please click here.

I have a few past orders that I would like to record in EZRentOut

You can use ‘Past Orders’ to log previous orders into the system. The purpose of these is to encourage more accurate record keeping.

An Order is qualified as a Past Order when its Return Date is in the ‘past’ based on when it is recorded. Such orders cannot be rented out. The only actions you can take on them is to either mark them as Completed, or as Payment Pending.

If you want to rent out such an order, you will need to cancel the booking (if a booking exists) by clicking on Cancel Booking > Remove the Booking. You can then update the Return Date to one that does not fall in the past.

NOTE: Past Orders do not record the checkouts for Assets/Asset Stock or deduct the Inventory’s stock quantity. This means that a Past Order that is marked as Complete will:

1) Appear in the All Orders Report and count towards the revenue and rent collected.
2) Not appear in the Assets Check-in/out Events Report or the Checkout History/Rental Meter of the asset.
3) Not appear in the Inventory or Asset Stock Line Items Report, and will not have any impact on the stock quantities.